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Crewmember not to be paid anymore

Crew member not to be paid anymore


Detail from a page of the Minutes of the Seamen’s Hospital Committee for 6 September 1758. The case of William Cuzzins was reviewed. The decision was made that he justly forfeited his right to his pension and was not to be paid anymore. Cuzzins had been hit in the eye by a fellow crew member on his ship the Alexander on a slaving voyage to Africa (See Id number 2359). The pension may have been stopped in 1755 when his wife Jane failed to appear at a meeting of the Trustees to put the case for continuing the pension.

The Society of Merchant Venturers is a Bristol-based organisation, which was formed in 1552 as an elite body of merchants involved in overseas trade. The Society still exists today.

Date: 1758

Copyright: Copyright The Society of Merchant Venturers

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