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Historic site, 43 Park Street

43 Park Street, Bristol


Photograph of Historic site, 43 Park Street. This was the site of a now-demolished school for young ladies which Hannah More (1745-1833) ran with her sisters. Hannah was an anti-slavery campaigner, playwright and religious writer. She spoke out openly against the slave trade and was a friend of William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson, who were the forces behind the campaign against it. In 1778 she joined a major boycott of sugar. Many people decided to stop buying it in protest of the fact that it was made by slaves on Caribbean plantations. This was one of the first public political campaigns involving women. More people voiced their objection to the slave trade by openly criticising Christians who were involved. They stated that they are not Christians who infest Africa�s shores, but are rather white savages ruled by lust of gold or lust of conquest.

With thanks to the authors of the Slave Trade Trail around Central Bristol, Madge Dresser, Caletta Jordan, Doreen Taylor.

Creator: David Emeney

Date: 2003

Copyright: Copyright BCC Museum

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