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Historic site, Horn and Trumpet Pub

Horn and Trumpet Pub


Photograph of Historic site, Horn and Trumpet Pub, St. Augustine’s Parade. On the front of the building is a Native American figure. It is a smaller scale version of a figure originally on the front of a boat, a Victorian paddle steamer called the Demerara which got stranded in the River Avon in 1851. The original figure from the boat was mounted on a building on Quay Street but disintegrated when the building was demolished in the 1930s. The figure symbolises the British owned country of Demerara (now Guyana), where sugar was grown on plantations.In 1823, Demerara,was the scene of a bloody revolt involving almost all of the island�s 12,000 slaves.

With thanks to the authors of the Slave Trade Trail around Central Bristol, Madge Dresser, Caletta Jordan, Doreen Taylor.

Creator: David Emeney

Date: 2003

Copyright: Copyright BCC Museum

Object ID:DME0006

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