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Historic site, Orchard Street

Orchard Street, Bristol


Photograph of Historic site, Orchard Street. James McTaggart, sometime captain of the slave ship the Africa, built a house in this lovely street which was first laid out in 1717. The Caribbean merchant, Mark Davies, also had his offices here. The present-day offices of Bristol Municipal Charities stand on the site of a chapel built in the 18th century by the French Protestant refugees known as Huguenots.At least two of the wealthier Huguenots, James Laroche and Louis Casamajor, became prominent slave traders. Another Huguenot, Stephen Peloquin, was one of the five wealthiest citizens of Bristol in the 18th century. He got his money from the tobacco trade, which depended in large part on slave labour. Peloquin left his fortune to his daughter Mary Ann, who was also noted for her charitable donations. During her lifetime she lent her house in Queen Square to Josiah Tucker, was was a supporter of the anti-slavery campaigners.

With thanks to the authors of the Slave Trade Trail around Central Bristol, Madge Dresser, Caletta Jordan, Doreen Taylor.

Creator: David Emeney

Date: 2003

Copyright: Copyright BCC Museum

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