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Bags of cocoa beans


Photograph of bags of cocoa beans being unloaded onto a barge to go up the the river Severn and the canal to Cadbury’s at Bourneville outside Birmingham, 1947. The bags are being unloaded from the ship SS Jonathon Holt at Avonmouth Docks, Bristol. Cocoa beans are grown on plantations in the Caribbean and America.

Reproduced with kind permission of Wills (now Imperial Tobacco).

Chocolate was first used as a drink, sweetened with sugar to mask the bitter flavour of the chocolate. Later it was used for making eating chocolate. At this period, most people drank beer, wine or spirits. Water was not safe to drink, tea coffee and chocolate were expensive. Quakers promoted drinking chocolate as an alternative to alcohol.

Date: 1947

Copyright: Copyright, Imperial Tobacco

Object ID:PBA 1147

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